Collective Soul, Live, and Blues Traveler

Will any DR readers be attending the Collective Soul/Live/Blues Traveler concert August 17th at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia? If so, leave a post in the comments; maybe we can meet up there.

P.S. Rush isn't the only Objectivist influenced band. Collective Soul took their name from The Fountainhead.

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It's also worth mentioning

It's also worth mentioning that John Popper of Blues Traveler is a libertarian.


...Live is a GREAT GREAT band. (So sez this Rush fan.)

Sorry to steal your thunder...

I'll be in Boston August 29th - September 1st for the Critical Review conference on Political Ignorance. Anyone in that area?

I've been meaning to go to

I've been meaning to go to that Jeffrey Friedman shindig one of these days. I was supposed to get Will Wilkinson to get me in to one of the conferences. Do you think it's too late for him to accept new applicants? If you have an in with him, get me in and I'll come!

I'm in Boston

But I'm working that weekend. Email me.