A More Distributed Form of Government

From Alexx Kay:

I begin to think that the framers didn't go nearly far enough in their design. A three-branch system is not sufficiently redundant. If one branch goes power-mad, the other two will reign it in. But a two-point failure leaves the third branch little ability to resist sweeping change and growth in government power. Worse, such a failure allows fundamental changes to the structure of government, which weaken that structure against further attacks.

So I don't want to see a smaller government -- I want a *bigger* one. But not bigger in the current manner. All the recent governmental growth has been in terms of pyramidal hierarchy, concentrating more power in the hands of fewer people. I want to see a more distributed form of government. Perhaps as many as ten branches, with a complex web of dependencies and oversight, so that even a multi-point failure (or deliberate structural attack) can be effectively resisted.

A Distributed Republic, indeed.

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Just a few more tweaks...

...and I'm sure we can get this perpetual motion machine working fine.

As Mark points out below, a

As Mark points out below, a more distributed government, taken to its logical conclusion, is self government. That might be just the tweak we need to fix the perpetual motion machine.

A good number

of branches might be here.

parliamentary system?

Scrap Congress for a parliamentary system. A quick vote of confidence and Nixon, Peanut Farmer, Billy Jeff, and Bush 2 would have been gone.