Balko vs. Hayne, and the good guy wins

Radley Balko is my freakin' hero. Just when I was beginning to lose hope that his continued coverage of Steven Hayne and his cronies in the Mississippi court and police system would actually get things changed around there, "this afternoon Mississippi barred embattled medical examiner Dr. Steven Hayne from doing any more autopsies in the state."

The synopsis: Hayne is contracted by prosecutors all over Mississippi to deliver the results they want from autopsies, however medically implausible, and despite the fact that he is not medically qualified to do so in the first place under Mississippi state legislation. The implications of Radley Balko's journalism are staggering: a huge number of people involved in the system willingly collaborated with Hayne to send innocent people to jail. The magnitude of crime that's been perpetrated by the court system in Mississippi is hard to comprehend. And of course, Balko notes that the severing was not quite as stern as it should be.

But holy Christ, Balko was such a thorn in their side that they threw one of the main villains out!

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