The strongest gang in the country

This story has been all over the bicycle-oriented parts of the blogosphere for days, but you'll notice it will fit on this blog as well. Note: of the two main characters in the video, guess which one was first charged with assaulting the other?

To serve and protect!

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The lack of comments a day

The lack of comments a day after this was posted definitely demonstrates how not surprising the content of the video is, right here and right now.

Even just symbolically attempting to reclaim power over some part of your own life from the State (road) triggers this kind of reaction from its bouncers. Add to this stories of cops getting medals for raiding and shooting innocents, TSA and customs being granted full rights over you and all the inanity going on, and I don't think I'd be overstating things by saying the USA have become a police state.

I'm capable of outrage, but

I'm capable of outrage, but before I enter that state I'd like to know the setting here. Was there a reason for the assault?

Some additional context

I happened to come across this just now, which links to this, which provides some context to that video.

Ah. Can't tell if the

Ah. Can't tell if the cyclist was interfering with traffic, as the cop says, but the charge that he steered his bike into the cop and knocked him over seems blatantly false.

Critical Mass

I doubt the bicyclist was individually doing anything special. According to the Youtube page he was part of something called Critical Mass, which when I looked it up seems to (sometimes? always? inadvertendly? on purpose? really? allegedly?) interfere with traffic. Wikipedia. His participation in that would explain the charge, so no need to suppose any additional action on his part.

The officer starts to walk

The officer starts to walk toward the curb. The bicyclist intentionally veers in the same direction for the purpose of forcing the officer to yield r/w to the bicycle.
The bicyclist could have just as easily continued in a straight path and passed behind the officer.

Second Officer Needed to be Avoided Also

The officer had to actually lunge forward in order to collide with the bicyclist. The bicyclist couldn't continue in a straight path because the second officer was walking in the same direction just behind the first and further back. You can see that the bicyclist is just trying to avoid a collision, which the officer went out of his way to make happen.