Speaking of Tomatoes

Here I am in my natural habitat. I'm around 6'1" so you can see the tomatos are already up around 5 foot. Those poles are twelve feet long each. I may have to add a third rung near the top if they go past the 6 foot mark. I've gotten two ripe tomatos so far.

No it's not just tomato's either. Half that garden is other things. I keep four foot wide beds with paths that run east to west. The shorter stuff grows at the front of the beds and the tomatos shade the footpaths. It's 32x32 and I have another at 12x40.

Watermelon, zucchini, gourds, turks turbins, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, turnip greens, green beans, soy beans, peas, bitter melon, leaf lettuce, winter lettuce, miners lettuce, turnip greens, onions, strawberry spinach, strawberries, long island cheese pumpkins, giant pumpkins, pie pumpkins, american giant sunflowers, potatoes, eggplant, hot peppers, sweet peppers, verdolaga, and italian wall lizards.

There's around 14 kinds of tomatos, 3 hot peppers, etc. I grow many types of flowers too. Here's mullen banana custard next to my pool.

I'm growing the hottest pepper in the world this year, the bhut jolokia, which is three times hotter than the second hottest the habanero. It rates a around one million scoville units. The pepper spray they use in riot control is 2 to 5 million scoville units, while tabasco is a mild 2,500 units.

Here's a video of some kid eating a habanero. Notice the flames coming out his ears and the uncontrollable knitting of his eyebrows in anguish. He emits a pained squeal before going for the water. You need to watch this first to be impressed by the others.

Here's different guy but instead eating a bhut jolokia. Remember the individual peppers are between half and one fifth pepper spray by volume. I'm quite impressed but I think he was born with defective pain sensors so it's not quite fair. At least he was smart enough not to eat then entire thing like the other guy.

A couple of these Mexican's are obviously racist against East Indians as they don't seem to be enjoying this traditional Indian food. The one on the right not only handles the hot but she is hot. Perfect if you're planning a riot.

I thought I wasn't going to be able to find any videos of normal people eating the bhut jolokia. Seem's like everybodies doing it but they are all super human. This guy eats a whole one, you can sense he wants to cry when he talks, but then he gulps down another. Apparently it hurts on the way out too.

Yes, someone did "plant" italian wall lizards in my garden to keep the bugs in check. Besides they're cute. I think that same someone is responsible for putting them in my old garden back in New Hyde Park. They have been in the news recently as they are rapidly evolving new body parts.

I believe with the new habitat containing bhut jolokia this is the first step in evolving true fire breathing dragons.

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Have you considered breeding

Have you considered breeding peppers for capsaicin concentration ?


Yes, I was toying with the idea of making hotter peppers if I have time. I'm crossing the three types I have. One grows better here the "Hungarian Super Hot". Bhut Jolokia needs very hot temps. So maybe I'll try to breed a hardier ultra-hot. If I were to do that seriously I really would need to have a lot more than the twenty four hot pepper plants I have.

I like the idea of breeding weeds for flowering too. Those mullens are weeds. As are the verdolaga. You probabaly have both growing near you. Likely the verdolaga is growing in your yard or if you were to turn over some soil, not put down weed killer, then some seeds would sprout. It's also known as purslane, portulaca oleracea, a very common weed. It has 1mm wide tiny yellow flowers in the case of the ones growing in your yard.

It's edibile and high in omega-3 oils like fish, and has been in cultivation for around 4000 years. I just had a "salad party" for fourteen friends and I threw in a couple of different kinds weeds from my garden along with the lettuce and strawberry spinach. I still get the weedy kind of purslane and sorrel coming up from ancient seed buried in the soil. I weeded my garden and picked the salad at the same time.

The cultivated version of purslane is still weedy but has very large flowers like a moss rose, portulaca grandiflora.

Here's the purslane that I grow: Purslane Rio Scarlet I'm very pleased with it. Covered with new flowers every morning.

I used to breed garter snakes for color and it's a lot more work than plants.

Yep, those are eastern garter snakes members of the most widespread and variable species in the world. Yep, right here in the good old USA.

Problem is they are very messy snakes and you have to clean their cages daily. When you have upwards of 600 snakes you spend much of your time doing that, plus making a herptile preserve (password preserve), and building snake dens (password den), then your wife tends to feel neglected. So I had to give it up (and that was only some of my 'hobbies').

Pictures along shore my "fishless" pond. The entire edge of the lake was this dense with frogs and if you walked the shore the frogs hit the water like a artillery bombardment in front of you.

I made the right choice. My wife is prettier than the snakes.

That is an awesome garden

If only I had a yard...

I was also impressed with the dude eating the bhut jolokia. I'm pretty much the hot-food tolerance king among my friends, but the best I could do is a small chunk of habanero. That guy kept his cool with a pepper much much hotter.

Also, is it me, or does a new "world's hottest pepper" come out every couple of years? I'm pretty sure I remember about 10 years ago, common knowledge was that it was the habanero. Then a few years ago, it was the scotch bonnet. Now it's the bhut jokolia?

New Hottest Pepper

Thanks for the complement. If you really like to garden you should move. Even if you rent some landlords allow gardening.

You are right it keeps changing because it's a matter of testing them all, or even knowing about them. Remember knowledge is Popperian. "World's hottest pepper" means "tentatively to the best of our knowledge".

In fact, there is the Tepin Pepper which is hottest according to this site based on the Dremann's Hotness Scale. A scale I never heard of before. Probably because it was invented by the guy on the site and means "how many ounces of salsa will have a detectable level of hotness when one ounce of pepper pods are added."

BTW, I have noticed that if you mix different types of peppers you get a sauce that is hotter than either. Tobasco sauce made from tabasco peppers while Melindas sauce is made from Habanero's. Tobasco is hot and you've probably had it. Stings the tongue and lips. Melindas is hotter and even a little bit numbs the tongue before burning. Mix them and it's hotter than either. At least I think so. Not sure why.

World's hottest peppers & their testing

Dear All,

The Dremann scale can test a pepper in your kitchen in 15 minutes, with only a gram scale, a blender, a graduated eye dropper, a couple of bowls and a spoon.

It is an easy way to assay a large number of pepper varieties, in a short amount of time. It is the method we used, for example, to find the strain of Orange Habanero in a farmer's field, our "Craig's Triple-hot", that is three times hotter than the regular Orange habanero strain that is sold in the USA,

There are at least 5,000 differen

a graduated eye dropper This

a graduated eye dropper

This seems painful.

No it's not just tomato's

No it's not just tomato's either. Half that garden is other things.

The DEA are on their way.

Opium Poppies

Opium Poppies, papaver somnifera, are legal for ornamental purposes. They would be growing in there "Live and Let Die" style, unfortunately my seeds failed to germinate. I do have papaver orientale, papaver bracteatum, and papaver atlanticum.

About opium poppy legality.

"If poppies are purely grown for ornamental purposes, their legal position is somewhat less clear cut, since they are so widely grown and available [in the US]."

I will not be bothering with the opium poppies again as they aren't weedy enough for me if they don't start easily.

I planted a 6 foot diameter circle of 52 of the oriental poppies next to the road this year and it is going to be spectacular next year. They are extremely showy and eyecatching for about 2-3 weeks.

What part of the country?

Where is your garden? In the Pacific North West we have had the coldest spring since 1917. The summer . . . the past week has been below 70. Garden is at least 2 months behind.