In Which Matthew Yglesias Loses All Sense of Proportion

Matthew Yglesias on the reasons the US doesn't have shiny new infrastructure like Singapore's:

In part, a country like the United States just isn't going to be able to compete infrastructure-wise with a newly-prosperous country like Singapore -- we have a lot of stuff that's oldish, but still usable, and shutting it down to fix or replace it would be extremely inconvenient. But it's also the case that Singapore's not spending 1 percent of GDP a year on a misguided effort to control Iraq.

Right. It's not the sprawling welfare state on which we spend something like 10% of GDP more than Singapore. It's that extra 1% of GDP we spend on the military.

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Singapore's Military Budget

It's also just not true that Singapore is on the low end of military spending. Singapore's military budget is 4.9% of their GDP, while the U.S. is 4.06%.

Disclaimer: I do not know if these figures include all military spending, such as that on Iraq. The point remains though: Singapore isn't some European nation running a government on the cheap under the defense umbrella of the United States.

Nitpick, nitpick, nitpick

Matthew Yglesias writes a blog entry to quibble with an entry by Belle Waring. Then you write a blog entry to quibble with Matthew's entry. I can see this continuing ad infinitum, thus sustaining the blogosphere indefinitely, but only if you include a nit to pick in your own entry, and frankly, your entry just isn't long enough for one to creep in. Which is itself technically a nit, so I guess you can go. Consider yourself warned.