We Need More And Better Democrats

Is it too early to say we told you so?

'Cause I sorta did, already.

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They're Doing it Again!

Just when you'd have thought the Democratic Party was out of bullets with which to shoot themselves in the foot, they've done it again. The National Committee has apparently learned nothing from the John Kerry fiasco.

It's too late this time, as well - but by 2012 they're going to need to come up with a radical realignment of the Democratic Primaries schedule, if they want to stop liberal states from anointing - and giving momentum to - early liberal front-runners.

This year, the White House was literally theirs to lose - and they've locked themselves out. It's all over now but the confirming November vote. Sorry guys.


What? Care to explain... there's probably a news I missed or something, what happened?

I have no idea what the

I have no idea what the anonymous comment above is referring to, but my post seems easy enough (for me, natch) to understand if you simply follow the link I so conveniently provided.