Something Is Happening Here / But You Don't Know What It Is

While we're on the topic of funny movie reviews more entertaining than their subject matter, here's Christopher Orr on The Happening:

Since the threat driving the movie is a colorless agent in the air, Shyamalan has nothing, really, to dramatize visually. He solves this by showing a strong wind every time the deadly agent appears. There are two problems with this: No matter how biochemically sophisticated the trees have become, it seems rather unlikely that they'd be able to control the weather. And, insofar as wind could represent anything in the context of the movie, it would be hope, not danger, as strong winds would disperse the airborne toxin rather than, as Shyamalan somehow imagines, intensify it. Still, we gets leaves blowing every time people are going to die, and a hilarious scene where Elliot et al. are running across a field trying to outrace the wind. It's like the climax of Twister, without the twister.

It almost makes me want to see it, just to appreciate how truly terrible it is. Almost.

In other news, Zohan was friggin' sweet. Though I might be biased; much of what I found engaging might be lost to someone with less familiarity with contemporary Israeli culture, which seems to be perpetually stuck in the '70s.

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