Pregnancy Pact

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As summer vacation begins, 17 girls at Gloucester High School are expecting babies—more than four times the number of pregnancies the 1,200-student school had last year. Some adults dismissed the statistic as a blip. Others blamed hit movies like Juno and Knocked Up for glamorizing young unwed mothers. But principal Joseph Sullivan knows at least part of the reason there's been such a spike in teen pregnancies in this Massachusetts fishing town. School officials started looking into the matter as early as October after an unusual number of girls began filing into the school clinic to find out if they were pregnant. By May, several students had returned multiple times to get pregnancy tests, and on hearing the results, "some girls seemed more upset when they weren't pregnant than when they were," Sullivan says. All it took was a few simple questions before nearly half the expecting students, none older than 16, confessed to making a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together. Then the story got worse. "We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy," the principal says, shaking his head.

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and ur probly black so stop

and ur probly black so stop playin the race card cuz it dont work no more hunny

and ur probly black so stop

and ur probly black so stop playin the race card cuz it dont work no more hunny

raffle at the waffle house

"We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy," the principal says, shaking his head.



Wow, when I first heard this story yesterday I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I mean, how cool is it that a group of girls 16 and under were able to coordinate a mass pregnancy. SEVENTEEN people??? Awesome! I can't even get FOUR friends of mine to agree on a place and time to get dinner, let alone start families. (And we're 23.)

Seriously, these girls have shown an incredible amount of foresight and planning that will totally be of use to them in the business world. So many people my age are apathetic and have no motivation. It so refreshing to hear a case of kids younger than me getting together, setting a goal, and moving 100% towards that goal. Decisiveness is a rare thing and these girls have it. If only our government had a fraction of the creativity and resourcefulness these girls have shown in getting pregnant we might actually have jobs and working public institutions.

I declare you the winner of

I declare you the winner of this thread.



Brilliant planning serving a

Brilliant planning serving a stupid goal remains nonetheless stupid.

The goal is only stupid if

The goal is only stupid if they don't pull it off successfully, and with style. Which they probably won't. But still, we can always dream. If they do, I predict Derelicte will be the new 2009 fragrance for men.


I second Micah XD

you disgust me

seriously. your fucking stupid. these girls don't deserve congratulations. i am 18 and pregnant and i think i am entirely too young. i don't know what they were thinking. i feel bad for them, their parents, and their babies. the only thing we can do is hope for the best.


The judgment that it is "too young" for a woman, who can bear children, to bear children, depends on expectations, which can vary from culture to culture. In most times throughout human history, 18 years old would not be too young - in fact, in some times it might even be a bit too old to start having children.

At any age, having a child is a significant, life-altering burden. The same would be true at age 30 or 40. There are in fact a lot of people who choose never to have children at all, who would regard it as a great misfortune. To some limited extent, it is no doubt less burdensome for a woman to bear a first child later rather than earlier, but it's quite a burden at any age, and constrains the parents to be with the child for much of the day, every day, for years, severely limiting the parents' options. But it does not entirely close off a parent's options. My parents, for example, had me when they were still students, but they still were able to study hard and they both went on to receive PhDs.

What makes a tragedy is not difficulty and suffering per se. What makes a tragedy is a contrast with expectations. Everyone expects to die eventually, but the more unexpected the death, the more tragic. When women have children on schedule, in accordance with all expectations, then the child is considered a blessing. When they have them off schedule, then the child is considered a problem. Again, I acknowledge that there are differences in preparation, in impact, and so forth, but I claim that a significant factor in transforming the blessing of a newborn baby into the misfortune of a newborn baby is pure expectation.

Thank you, Constant

I was hoping someone would make this point, and you did so eloquently. Instead of blaming these girls for giving in to what is admittedly a most basic and natural biological urge (and I speak not only of the act of intercourse, but also its product), one might instead consider questioning the value of a society that gives rise to the need to suppress the urge far past a normal age.

Not that I have a better solution. But I'm not so quick to judge those who choose a different path, based on their biology, if not their culture.

I'm happy you mentioned that

I'm happy you mentioned that teenagers would be considered more ready to have a child than in the west, and that what makes someone "too young" to have children relies on the expectations of a society. While I agree to this, I must add that not only are expectations different for younger girls, but the economic opportunity is different too. These girls may be mentally fit to raise a child, but do they have good jobs? Children will make them less likely to succeed in school, and go to college. If they waited to have children after they had an education, a steady job, and some financial security, a newborn would be less of a burden. There's no question about it: Having children at this stage in their life is a bad idea.

If they waited to have

If they waited to have children until after they had an education, a steady job, and some financial security, they might be too old to have children at all. Again, I'm not saying their decision was wise; given the circumstances - it most likely was not. But it's something to keep in mind: before piling contempt on these girls, consider saving some of that contempt for the social conditions that so widely diverge from human biology.

Children are a burden

Children will make them less likely to succeed in school, and go to college.

That is true, but that is because children are an enormous burden and a tremendous time sink. This does not ever change. It is as true of a child born to a 35-year-old as it is of a child born to a 15-year-old. If a child makes a girl less likely to succeed in school, then by the same token it makes a grown woman less likely to succeed in her job.

I have noticed that several of my female coworkers have delayed having children until their careers were well advanced. This may just be a coincidence but it may well be because the interruption of their careers earlier on would seriously delay and might even ruin their chances of promotion. And once they have their children, they ask for reduced hours and even, in one case, the only case where a high level position had been achieved, accept an effective demotion to a job with fewer responsibilities.

In effect, these women have judged that it was a bad idea to have children before their late thirties. And, in a sense, they were right - right for the same reason as those who claim it is a bad idea for teenagers to have children, that reason being: a negative impact on career and income. But even so, they are straining against biology, straining against their own nature and probably against their own instincts. Men are by their own nature geiger counters of female readiness to bear. When they are most ready is precisely when it is the hardest for us to take our eyes off them. And a woman in her late thirties is typically, visibly well past that peak.

omg is anyone else ...

anyone else hard right now??

Thank u

for having some brains and relizing that just because its not the norm its such a tradgey

you're a fucking idiot, the

you're a fucking idiot, the woman was making a joke. go back to your bastard child.


Looks like you have room to talk....

Yeah, I was thinking of

Yeah, I was thinking of dropping a Tu quoque there too. It's like Pee-Wee Herman, but in Latin!

Yeah, wow, they could be big

Yeah, wow, they could be big time in Amway!


I live in this none of my kids were involved. Thank you god. I am outrage with the Superintendents' remarks about" the girls are looking for unconditional love". I have dealt with this man and find him to be a joke and a half at best. He is only interested in his own professional career. Only once this information became headline news he had to address it. Mr. Farmer is an embarassment to this town.
If these girls were going in for pregnancy test on a regular basis then that should have sent up a "RED FLAG ALERT" for the nurses that there might be a problem...HMMMMMM?!?!?!?! To me if a 16yr. old girl comes into my office more than once for a test and becomes extremly dissappointed about not being pregnant, then there is a BIG PROBLEM PEOPLE!!!!!
I keep hearing about these kids need to be educated more about sex...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Education is not the problem. I'm pretty sure these girls new how not to have a kid just as much as they knew how to have a kid. HELL, When you start trolling the local homeless shelters for a potential sperm donors, I'm pretty sure you know what your doing. Then again having a baby now a days is kind of tempting at 16. You can have your kid ,get a check from the government, food stamps and still go to school seeing as our high school has daycare for these kids. Jesus christ stop making it so convinent for these girls.
As for the parents I can't say to much as i have no clue yet who they are...but I'm willing to bet that if you go looking you will end up finding a mother who has also been through the welfare system herself. Yet again the cycle continues for the next generation. Another mouth to feed, another child to cloth and it's coming out of my paycheck!!!! I only brought two kids in this world and I'm not looking for anybody else to pay for them. SO PLEASE GIRLS PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND GO OUT AND GET JOBS TO SUPPORT YOUR OWN CHILDREN!!!! PAY FOR DAYCARE LIKE THE REST OF US!!!!! TRY RAISING THESE ON YOUR OWN!!!! BETTER YET SINCE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS MADE THIS PACT THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD ALL COME UP WITH WORK SCHEDULES AS TO WHEN ONE ANOTHER CAN WATCH EACH OTHERS KIDS!!!!


I'm sure as this goes on further and the news reporters that have now taken over our town get this out all over the country(by the way the LONDON times has an article out about this) you all might get a shot at the Oprah show...there might just be some free diapers and formula waiting for your kids.

Needs more CAPS and !!!!,

Needs more CAPS and !!!!, imo.

Responce to "UNREAL"

That was great and I love your way of thinking! Thank you. Maybe some child out there looking to do what these girls did will get your message first and change her mind.

I have to say though that this part, "When you start trolling the local homeless shelters for a potential sperm donors, I'm pretty sure you know what your doing.", made me LMAO!!


I agree with what you are saying, except about the welfare. I hope that you never need to be on welfare, but it tis there to help all types of people. Not only deadbeats, but people who are just going through a rough time. Did you cash your stimulus check? Same thing, free $$$$ from the government. The only difference is that with foodstamps you can't buy beer or cigarettes, but with the stimulus you can do sex, drugs, guns. I would like to know why you think welfare is a bad thing. The government pays the interest on student that wrong? Are those prople blowing your tax dollars?
The parents need to take these girls behind the wood shed and paint their back porch matter what age...12 or 16!

Matthew Lesko, is that

Matthew Lesko, is that really you?

I'm not saying welfare is a

I'm not saying welfare is a bad thing. Sure everyone needs help...but last time I checked wlefare was supposed to be temporary? Not a life long career. When you knock on the door where some of these girls live you will see the first generation of welfare(MOM)answering the door and then the daughter will follow. It's called "Generational Welfare" I just made it up...I'm sure you get what I mean.

Sure their going to need help...but they were smart to come up with a pact they should have figured out the rest of it.

Free money

Since when does the government have money to just give away? They don't. It's called debt and we are in it. Nothing in this life is for free. I wish the government would pay for me to go to school.... but I'm not a minority, nor am I a single mother. I guess I get screwed.

Come on people, Matthew Lesko!

Have you really never heard of Matthew Lesko before? He is obviously the Anonymous poster in question here. It's government money, and it's FREE!!!

Stimulus check

The stimulus check is hardly welfare, it's merely money the government decided not to steal after all.

Minus the interest

Minus the interest.

stimulus check

"Did you cash your stimulus check? Same thing, free $$$$ from the government."

The stimulus check is not free money, it will be deducted from your tax refund next year, do your research.

u shut up because these

u shut up because these programs are ment to help these girls they are not making it any easier for us so shut ur mouth

About education

These girls did need more education somewhere at least one of them had sex with a homeless man. STOP BLAMING TV AND MUSIC. Every kid that dose something dumb was told to by a song or movie. It is NEVER the parents fault. When the kids shot up there school in colinbin they blamed Marelyn Mansion while I don't like his music lewts be honest where were the parents when these kids were making bombs in their basement.

As far as these girls. You let your 15 or 16 year old run WAY to free if they are having sex with a homeless guy. Maybe that great hippy movment wasn't so great for us in the long run since I see many parents doing drugs with their kids now.

I am only 25 so I wasn't around when parents where really hard on their kids but COME ON these girls have no way of getting a good enough job to support themselves let alone a baby and I don't think you can get child support from a bum what could he give up 2 oz of soup from the soup kitchen.

Just gets better and better

I was just reading some other articles about the "Pact 16 Girls"(my name for them)and I see where the superintendent(Mr. FARMER)is leaving it up to the police to sort out...typical of him to leave the mess cleaning up to someone else. This is a man who recieved a report of a physially brutal assualt of an 11yr. old boy on school property and felt it was best to be left up to the principal to deal with. I wouldn't have expected anything less from this man than to pass the buck in this situation. He is a JOKE!!!!

This has the to be the

This has the to be the funniest news I've heard this month by far.

Pregnancy Pact

Oh please "movies like Juno and Knocked Up" ...does anyone remember what happened in Juno? is that glamourizing teen pregnancy?..she was unhappy at school the whole pregnancy..unhappy with her size..mad at her boyfriend for not supporting her enough...she had to give the baby up for adoption cuz she count take care of it...and these girls wanted to get babies to RAISE AND KEEP them..if anything...Juno showed how hard it is to be a teen and pregnant..and that'd be a huge discouragement. I think this was just a bunch of girls who wanted to be a part of something bigger than just "one pregnant teen girl"..wouldn't u rather have all of your friends pregnant with you than just you by yourself? blaming a movie for a bunch of girls' stupid insecurities is just looking to place blame...who said all of them even saw "Juno..

Seriously, I don't

Seriously, I don't comprehend these comparisons. I think anyone saying Juno or Knocked Up glamorizies pregnancy, clearly hasn't seen the actual movies.

Teen pregnancy pact

What ever happened to going to the mall when you need cheered up? It's legal and you use your own money or your parents money.

Who is paying for the children these girls are having? Me? You? They should all be charged with misuse of public money because more than likely they will all be using welfare to raise these little "toys".

Can we charge politicians

Can we charge politicians with misuse of public money too? That would kind of put them out of a job. Not that it would be a bad thing.

Not a Blip

I went to a school that size in 1987 and we had 32 Sophmores, 15 Juniors and 22 Seniors pregnant. I guess it was a good idea to fill out my senior book and write it down. One senior football player had the honor in four of those pregnancies. The friends I hung around with have kids who are sophmores in college and graduated this year while I have two girls who are 4 and 1. BTW, My brother got his girlfriend pregnant. Did not make my father, who was a preacher, very happy. What a shame.

Teen Pregnancy rates in this

Teen Pregnancy rates in this country are out of control and the media isn't helping with movies like "Juno" and stories like Jamie Lynn Spears. I'm not sure if the new NBC show "Baby Borrowers" is going o help, but the concept seems like it could. I think parents with teenagers should watch that show with there kids especially if they are sexually active.

I could comment on how hard

I could comment on how hard this will be and all that, as I was going to, but I think that has been said enough... here are a couple of other points though that I haven't heard brought up yet...

Now, what I would really like to know.... we're so focused on these 17 girls who got pregnant, but unlike what they tell you in Health Class, it doesn't always happen the first time. What about all the girls who were part of the pact but didn't get knocked up? Do they plan to keep trying? Are their parents awake now and will they intervene before another round of girls is pregnant? Just because other girls didn't get pregnant didn't mean they weren't doing anything wrong.

Also, what about the boys who knocked them up? Now, the homeless man, I won't even go there... but I'm sure most of the boys were high school boys in their school and neighborhood. Now, we all know it's hard enough for 2 girls to keep a secret, much less a couple dozen in a massive prego pact, so, more than likely, some of these boys knew what was going on and went right along with it. And, even if they didn't know what was going on, THEY WERE STILL HAVING SEX AS MINORS!! HELLO!! CAN WE SAY DOUBLE STANDARD!? We are focusing so much attention on these pregnant girls.... where the baby daddy at??

Last, the biggest picture of all... what about these babies and their health and well being. Babies and teen mothers don't stand that well of a chance to make it out healthy as it is, but being that one girl even went to a homeless guy, it doesn't seem that most of the girls were being too picky!! They could have had multiple partners and they obviously weren't using protection!! They were trying to get knocked up and condom would have prevented that! How many STD's were probably passed around? It's likely one or more of these girls could even have AIDS, ya know? It just goes to show that if these girls weren't thinking about all this stuff that they are faaaar from responsible and do NOT IN ANY WAY need to be having babies!! But I guess we all knew that... it just makes me wonder if these babies are going to be healthy and do some of them even stand a chance. It's not that they are young... that's hard enough (and I had a baby at 17 that I raised with no help from anywhere or anyone so I know) it just that the way they went about it is sooo dumb. It's stupid enough to have unprotected sex and three weeks later say oh shit in the bathroom holding a pee stick with your best friend standing there waiting to console you, but to do this intentionally.... wow! How can you teach your child values while in the same breath telling them they came from a prego pact in high school...?

And just b/c I have to say THE 17 ABORTIONS JOKE..... IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! Yes, abortion is wrong and all that, but get over it, it was a joke! And dammit it was funny!!

free money

you dont have to minority or a single mother to get financial aid for college

baby daddy

ok tell me how none of these baby daddies knew what was going i mean 17 girls wanting to get pregnant and the all just happen to find 17 guy to have unprotected sex with and unknowingly get them pregnant i find that real hard to believe

I read through this story,

I read through this story, and I've read through the first few responses. And honestly, after reading the first few, I couldn't bring myself to go any further. What does race have to do with ANYTHING. This is a problem. A serious problem where kids are feeling its alright to become sexually active at a younger and younger age. Black, white, yellow, purple, it doesn't matter. Maybe if we as adults could stop squabbling about issues we created ourselves over a hundred years ago, then we could focus on the issues at hand. Maybe if we stopped being so selfish for five minutes, we would be able to figure out a way to help the young people of our country.

TV is trying to help these unfortunate souls...

I like that NBC is spreading a good message to teens about not getting pregnant. I will have my brothers and sisters watch Baby Borrowers. I think it starts on June 25th at 9pm!

Baby Borrowers

What is the show about? Sounds interesting,

unseen hands

I can't help but wonder if the motivations involved might not be religous or even supernatural. Can you imagine Joesph trying to explain to Mary's parents about their divinely created little bundle of joy. I think Mary was thirteen at the time. What if these kids are all little messiahs and this is the way god has chosen to bring them into the world?

I hope you are Joking????

I hope you are Joking???? Joesph and Mary, that was immaculate conception. Mary wasn't out banging homeless guys.