No Cartel Here

Nope. This is a full fledged market. Though I'm not really sure what a cartel in the market for ideas would look like. In any case, this is totally necessary. What's a republic without a market anyway? Impoverished, that's what. So consider this as an attempt by Jonathan to bring the republic out of poverty with the help of some outside consultants. Or at least to bring some more people into the community - bloggers, commenters, lurkers, and maybe a few trolls as well.

There will be anywhere from one to about twenty people blogging here at any given point in time, depending on the level of enthusiasm among the group I have gotten together. Hopefully we can generate similar levels of discussion as the Catallarchy and Community feeds, but part of that depends on you, dear reader.

But enough of all that. Without further adieu, the market is open for business! Remember guys, this is mutually advantageous intellectual exchange. None of that negative sum ad hominem crap is allowed here.

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