You're a spaz cause it's in your genes

From The Economist:

Of course, this analysis turns on the definition of “inappropriate”. The main symptom of ADHD is impulsiveness. Sufferers have trouble concentrating on any task unless they receive constant feedback, stimulation and reward. They thus tend to flit from activity to activity. Adults with ADHD tend to perform poorly in modern society and are prone to addictive and compulsive behaviour. But might such people do well in different circumstances?

One hypothesis is that the behaviour associated with ADHD helps people, such as hunter-gatherers and pastoral nomads, who lead a peripatetic life. Since today's sedentary city dwellers are recently descended from such people, natural selection may not have had time to purge the genes that cause it.

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They function poorly, unless they're entrepreneurs

ADHD versus Entrepreneurship

I've noticed myself that people I run in to at startups or conferences/meet'n'greets have a tendency towards showing that hyperactive tendency. I wonder how well a few Zucker's balance out that guy who switches fast-food jobs every 3 months and plays WoW 60 hours per week?