Why Didn't Someone Tip Me Off To This Already?

I finally came across it reading Jacqueline Passey's archives from two weeks ago. I guess I should be reading Marginal Revolution more often.

Time travel back to 1000 A.D.: Survival tips

I liked this suggestion, for nonsensicalness on its own terms:

Change history! I like the tip about cats. Make them draw LOLCATS in their churches, temples, or whatever. Make historians frown.

Why would historians frown at the discovery of ancient inscriptions of LOLCATS? Unless they knew what you were up to with your time-traveling shenanigans.

At first I was thinking I would use my futurist knowledge to impress people and make them think I was a prophet or a God, then start my own religion, becoming wealthy, famous, powerful, and getting all the ladies, while also (somehow) instilling the values of science, rationality, liberal tolerance, and a Rothbardian respect for the nonaggression principle. But then I realized that besides the inherent contradictions inherent in promoting rationality through a cult of personality (*ahem* Objectivism), this would probably get me killed very quickly.

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Jack Faust is a book

Jack Faust is a book exploring a similar situation, albeit with a different setup. Nice read.

Reading further in the

Reading further in the thread, it's pretty clear that lack of social mobility would make it pretty damn difficult to do anything significant in Europe at that time. So my new strategy would be to get to Egypt ASAP, track down Maimonides, use my piss-poor day school Hebrew to convince him to get me an in with the Sultan. Profit.