Lew Rockwell on Amit Singh

Lew Rockwell, widely believed to have written the Ron Paul newsletters that effectively quashed Paul's campaign, writes:

Let's face it, folks. There is only one Ron Paul. Indeed, he is unique in the entire history of American politics. So I take with a grain of salt all the claims of various pols to be Ron Paulians. Oh, we do have free will. It is possible for an eloquent and principled intellectual to be a brilliant campaigner, to reject the lure of Power, and to work untouched in corrupt DC for peace and freedom -- to be another Ron Paul, that is. But even Jefferson sold out, so I am not holding my breath. And note that it is long-term performance in office that will decide the question, not campaign blather.

For example, I do not join those mourning the loss of Amit Singh in Northern Virginia. This minor-league merchant of death, who brags of being a contractor for the NSA and the Pentagon, and of helping write the software for Total Information Awareness!, ran for the Republican nomination for congress as a Ron Paulian. Perhaps conservative conman Mark Ellmore, who beat Singh last night, is even worse. But thanks to performance in office, here is one thing we know for sure: the incumbent, Democrat Jim Moran, is not bad on the war.

I had a long post typed up about everything that's wrong with this quote, but I think it's better to simply let Rockwell continue to dig his ever-enlarging grave.

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Looks the same to me

Damn him for attacking a libertarian candidate for office by dredging up his past and making a mountain out of molehill. I shall forthwith stop visiting Lew Rockwell's site, and furthermore I shall stop visiting the site of any blogger who has participated in dredging up the past of a libertarian candidate and made a mountain out of molehill, such as contract work he has done or newsletters he has sent out. Oh, wait...

If that was the only problem with the blog post...

...you might have a point. But the problems stretch way beyond that. And no, I'm not going to elucidate them. Like I said, I had typed up a big long post on the topic and then deleted it. I'll just leave the quote up there for everyone to read and draw their own conclusions.


the url of the blog entry reveals the previous title... a different take.

I don't know what you're talking about


How can Amit Singh claim to

How can Amit Singh claim to be a Ron Paul Congress guy when he wrote the Total Information Awareness software?