Open Source Wealth

One thing about homesteading farms--it really gives you a feel for the exponential nature of accumulating wealth.

When you start out with an empty piece of land and no infrastructure, it takes you most of the day just to feed and clean yourself. But if you manage to spend an hour or so working on fencing, or digging a septic tank, or building a house, or putting in a windmill, you gradually develop some infrastructure that makes your life easier. Suddenly, you have not just one hour a day to devote to getting ahead, but two, and your projects get done even more quickly. This leads to four hours of productive time, with even bigger payoffs, and so on. Eventually, you find that it takes very little time to actually keep yourself alive and most of your day is spent on either leisure or wealth creation.

Every now and then I'm struck again at the actual wealth of information that has been accumulated and is now freely available to human culture. Communication technology, medicine, philosophy of science--pick your field--even if you exclude the body of copyright protected works, the remainder would allow you to bootstrap your own little corner of civilization fairly rapidly.

Today's reminder was this project to develop an open source tractor (H/T Global Guerrillas).

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