Pure narcissism - I'm the June "Sexiest Geek Alive"

Some people might feel ashamed of posting that they were picked by Sexiest Geeks Alive as the June male "centerfold".

Fortunately, I am not one of them. Yay beefcake me! Excerpt from the article:

What makes Patri one of the Sexiest geeks alive is his ability to ignore "common wisdom" in the pursuit of a good idea, and even overcome the burden of "common wisdom" in others.

New ideas can not happen without someone who is not just brilliant, but also strange enough to either lack, or to be able to ignore, that part of the mind that acts as a governor concerning what is considered normal by others. The sense of what is normal is what defends old ideas from new ones, and it is only by overcoming this that new ideas can evolve. People who can not overcome their inhibitions about not being "normal" are not capable of having great ideas, or if they do have them, they are incapable of acting on them. They are too busy worrying about what their neighbors will think to ever be great.

In order to have new ideas, and act on them, one has to be something of a freak, and in order to produce good ideas, one has to have a logical mind. And that is just what Patri is; he is a very logical freak. Patri can follow a chain of logic beyond the point where most people stop because it is drifting into an area that seems strange. He is not only capable of acting on strange but logical ideas, he can also use his enthusiasm for such ideas to inspire others - to overcome their inhibitions about what is normal and make them see what might be better.

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Patri - From your

Patri - From your grandfather's and father's background it's safe to assume you grew up in Illinois or California, right? What's with the Eastern European vibe?

Guns look good. I might have to try this crossfit stuff.

As Zohan would say, "Disco!

As Zohan would say, "Disco! Disco!"


Grew up with my mom in philly. But been in CA for 13 years now.

crossfit is awesome.

No slinged arm on this photo

No slinged arm on this photo ? You sure got better quick ;) Anyway, congrats.

Photo was a week ago

Just a couple days before the accident

Nice, but are you going to

Nice, but are you going to go bald like your dad/grandpa?

All this Sexiest geek thing

All this Sexiest geek thing seems very weird to me. What's the meaning of it? The real sexy thing is Mariska Hargitay in a bikini! Yeah! Do you like this?