Copenhagen Consensus

Global Warming is one of the biggest threats to the world, right? Wrong!

Bjorn Lomborg and friends tried to prioritize the problems of the world in the Copenhagen Consensus. Global warming ranked at the bottom. What was at the top? Vitamins and free trade.

It's amazing the kind of returns there are from free trade.

The benefits of freer trade were estimated in a paper presented by Professors Kym Anderson and Alan Winters. They found that a successful Doha Round could generate up to $113 trillion in new wealth during the 21st century, at a cost of $420 billion or less from inefficient industries going bust. If you like ratios, that's a return of $269 for every $1 of cost. A less conservative projection puts the gains three times higher. More than 80% of this global windfall would go to the world's poorest countries.

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Global Warming Mitigation = Death for millions

Wait a second. Doesn't "global warming mitigation" mean reduction in the use of fossil fuels? Doesn't a reduction in fossil fuel use mean that the world's poorest would suffer most? Wouldn't an 100% "mitigation" in fossil fuel use mean that billions would die? I don't see how this is helpful for the poor.

That's right, because the

That's right, because the tacit subtext to calls for global warming mitigation is "and let's do it in the most asinine way possible."


Ethanol. Need I say more? BTW, Kyoto. Have you heard of any non-asinine non-market suggestions yet? Carbon credits are asinine and additionally count as a government program.

Besides I'm not sure "global warming" is a problem or even predomanently caused by humans.