Explain All Of Politics Standing On One Leg

Mobius encapsulates all of politics into a single, perfect sentence:

It was as if the speakers had each held up a red colored card, pointed to it and said, “This is green! This is sooooo green! This is the greenest green that green has ever been,” and everyone in the room applauded while nodding to each other and kvelling, “How true! It’s like crazy green!”

My own run in with President Bush wasn't quite as emotional as Mobius's. As an intern at Cato in the summer of '05, we were invited to hear Bush give a speech about Social Security reform at a local high school. Ben Stein (yes, that Ben Stein) played the role of emcee, warming up the crowd of mostly think-tank interns and congressional aides, and engaging in light banter with the President on stage once he arrived.

Not much was said that I disagreed with, but the combined aura of celebrity and bodyguard-created self-importance was palpable, and just a wee bit over the top. Multiple swat-teams were set up in vans in the parking lot with full military assault gear, rifles and shit. Every other dude had a short haircut and an ear-piece. Just being in a crowd with hundreds of other cheering people makes you sort of excited for the main attraction, even if the main attraction isn't all that attractive.

A number of times I found myself wishing I was standing with the young A.N.S.W.E.R. protesters who remained throughout at the requisite many-hundreds-of-meters away "free-speech zone" across the street than with all these stuffy D.C. suit-and-tie jobs, even though I didn't actually disagree with the stated purpose of the event.

And then there was that time in '04 when Randall and I went to hear Dennis Kucinich give a stump speech at Georgia Tech. Imagine waiting a not-insignificant length of time for Dennis Kucinich to show up late and yet still be excited like a Japanese schoolgirl (the best kind of schoolgirl) when the cute little man-midget finally arrives and rushes down the theater isle to the stage, with all his glorious entourage in tow.

Crowd mentality is truly a wonder.

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Micha, That's only six posts


That's only six posts today. You must be getting old.

my friends saw Kucinich

In upstate ny, maybe it was also '04, I forget. It was a little house and 3 or 4 people showed up. Looked cozy in the pics.

I think there's something about this sort of thing...

...that makes tempermental libertarians like myself very uncomfortable. Watching crowds go wild over people running for office gives me the willies.

I've been friends with Amit Singh for about 25 years and hopes he wins his Congressional seat. But seeing the pictures on his website of him marching in a parade, waving, as the crowd cheers him on gave me a queasy feeling which reached its peak when I saw the pic in which he kissed a baby.

I don't even know who you are anymore.