Commercials of Note

A few ads have caught my eye recently. As everyone knows, iTunes makes great commercials. I often find new music in them. Here's one:

Another uses Coldplay's new single, Viva La Vida.

The trailer for Gears of War uses "Mad World" in a perfect melding of song and video.

Extended version here.

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As much as I like the Donnie

As much as I like the Donnie Darko-remix version of Mad World, it's way too Emo for a freaking FPS trailer. I shall now proceed to slit my wrists, rights after I finish this level of DOOM and crying tears of black mascara.

I wish...

My lawn was emo, so it would cut itself.

I wish...

I had five bucks, or stairs in my house.

In liberty,
S.E. h