Smoking Is Healthier Than Fascism

In an op-ed arguing for a smoking ban in prisons (and we all know what a bang-up job prisons do in banning narcotics and rape), this bit caused a double take:

Extensive studies have shown that the use of tobacco in the vicinity of others is hazardous to their health and life. No one would think that you should be forced to drink water or eat food that has passed through another individual. In a precedent-setting policy over 20 years ago, Kimball Physics of New Hampshire eliminated all tobacco on its campuses at the instigation of its workers. They do not want to be exposed to tobacco smoke from the clothing of those who enter the premises, so they require a two-hour waiting period before people are allowed in the gate. Their business flourishes. Since that time, schools, universities and other businesses have adopted smoke-free policies, again with no problems.

A two-hour waiting period before a smoker can reenter the property?! Jesus Christ, could the anti-smoking movement get any crazier? (Please do not answer this question.)

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