Friendly reminder: today is the big fundraising day for Amit Singh. The best way you can help him win the election is to send a few bucks his way.

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Jonathan, I'm guessing we've


I'm guessing we've met. Were you at the St. Patrick's Day parade for Amit or at the 8th district Republican convention?

I used to be a huge Catallarchy fan, although haven't really followed the Distributed Republic. After browsing the front page today, I will have to start following again.

I don't like the left sidebar on the "new" site. It makes me feel cramped.

I was at neither

I haven't been down to DC/NOVA recently; I'm just trying to help Amit from afar.

Welcome back. Why'd you leave? Note that you can register and make posts now. The crampiness is unfortunately a necessary evil in going from a simple blog to a blog portal/community.

According to a press release

According to a press release email I just got (I'm on some email lists for Virginia politics), Singh has exceeded his goal to get $50K by the June primary. That's not bad considering that according to the release, "Amit is not accepting contributions from lobbyists and other corporate special interest groups." He's signed on to the "Change Congress" pledge here. (That organization seems to support public financing of campaigns, which I consider a terrible idea, but the anti-pork agenda is certainly commendable.)