The Greentech Business Revolution

Nice interview with Vinod Khosla:

Q: Can I close it up with one question about the valley in general? What is the future of Silicon Valley and its competitive state versus the rest of the world?

A: I think the most powerful social force we have when it comes to solving our problems and multiplying our resources is the entrepreneurs and technologists and scientists. And the culture of Silicon Valley. It is the solution and may be the only solution. Policy can help. But policy doesn't work without technology innovation.

Look, cement's a classic example. We're trying to do cement that would be cheap enough to give away for free if carbon had a price. That could change the world's carbon picture, with one technology. If solar thermal is cheaper than coal, which is possible over the next five to 10 years, then coal would be in a very different place. Those ideas come from technologists and scientists and serious entrepreneurs. And that's why I'm actually hopeful that we can change the picture.

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