UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon just made a speech I watched on CNN and said that pretty much every first world country has pledged aid to Myanmar, but the Myanmar government is resisting aid workers from entering the country. He pleaded with the Myanmar authorities to cooperate. Reporters asked Ban about sanctions which he brushed aside to focus on humanitarian efforts for the present time.

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Ah, the UN. The assembly by

Ah, the UN. The assembly by governments, for governments.

Wake Up Call!

It seems it is only the outside world which is concerned about the unbearable sufferingns of the Burmese people. Each minute counts, but the catastrophy has occured at a place far away from the Head Quarters of the military junta, the Naypyidaw. It is not their people who are dying, the half a million soldiers and their families are well-looked after. All reasonings are going to fall on deaf ears, unless they feel the world has other options availabe to come to the rescue of the desperate people. More than 100,000 deaths and 2 million homeless! How much more sufferings will it require to move the world leaders into bold action?