Those Damned Cosmotarians!

Gene Callahan on the perils of multiculturalism:

Man, those multi-culturalists! I recall the story of one Jewish dude who apparently was not satisfied with his local folkways. He imported a melange of ideas from Greek philosophy and Eastern religion into his native inheritance and came up with some weird hybrid mix. His followers, after his death, immediately became "rootless cosmopolitans," trotting all around the Mediterranean world, asserting that the culture you came from didn't matter as long as you accepted their new "globalist" creed. They sucked into their "ideology" an obviously incompatible blend of Greek philosophy, Roman civic and political ideas, and Hebrew revelation.

Good thing that nonsense had no lasting impact on the world!

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Does Gene Callahan really think that's the argument against...

...multi-culturalism? That it's a charge against cosmopolitanism?

The charge against multi-culturualism is a charge against:

  • the refusal to make any sorts of cultural judgments whatsoever
  • the refusal to deem one culture better or worse than another wrt certain endpoints
  • the refusal to criticize clearly abhorrent practices in another culture
  • etc