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You cannot prevent discrimination with democracy. You can only move it
from the level of individuals and organizations to nations and borders.

Writes Grant in the comments to Bryan Caplan's Quick Fix for Haiti. And a comment from Sheetwise with relevance to Seasteading:

Nobody is going to risk a dime in investment there, so where's the permanent fix? The best thing we could do for them is to convert a few cruise ships into sweatshops that pay $20 a day. Wouldn't that be cruel? We could anchor them just outside the territorial waters, and offer work to anyone who was willing to row out. After a while, we subtly hint that they could have all of this onshore if they simply get rid of, and quit supporting, the thugs that are running their country. Maybe we even sell guns in the ships store. We would then have support from all of the rich. After the revolution, we simply cruise off to the next political hell hole.

This could work for much of Africa, too. Seasteading as globalization, only better.

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I read Sheetwise, and I picture a few sovereign nations being sunk by Haiti or whatever other onshore nations have artillery or navies.

This could work for much of Africa, too?

What would stop despotic nations from sinking ships engaged in such provocative actions?
For Seasteading to work it has to be not worth their while to sink you. This plan would make it worth their while.

Anti-missile tech? Or just

Anti-missile tech? Or just get missles of your own. Wal-Mart could easily take on all of the militaries in Africa if it needed to.

Always low prices, and don't fuck with our supply ships or we crush you.

Always low prices, and

Always low prices, and don't fuck with our supply ships or we crush you.

Sounds like a left-wing critique of capitalism. Wait until they figure out that we think this is a good thing...

But WalMart isn't going to Seastead

So what makes you think a poor despotic nation can't afford more weaponry (from WalMart, let's say) than your ship of fools?

John, you strike me as a

John, you strike me as a glass is half empty and what's left is probably poison kind of guy.

I thought your libertarian solution was to concentrate on non-political projects like seasteading, and ignore political routes.  Are you against even seasteading now?

Seems to me you and Micha are just imagining different ships.  His are well-funded, yours are dirty little dinghies.

I think there is some

I think there is some daylight between "it may be a bad idea to incite revolution and sell weapons to revolutionaries while your boat/entire nation is within artillery range of the target nation" and "seasteading is a bad idea." Even a well-funded ship faces the power disparity that you cannot (feasibly) sink Haiti. Maybe I overestimate tin pot despots, but I imagine that most countries worth overthrowing via guns in the company store are the sort of places than can and will pre-emptively attack to drive off or sink the seasteaders before the business plan gets very far.

I agree there's quite a lot

I agree there's quite a lot of daylight there. My question was not meant to be rhetorical--I'm just curious.