Too Beautiful To Live

I just want to put in a quick plug for the immensely entertaining TBTL, a new apolitical talk radio show which is probably Too Beautiful To Live. It airs on Seattle's 710 KIRO from 19:00-22:00 (Pacific). For those outside of Seattle or unable to listen during those hours, the show's web site offers live streaming and MP3s of the ten most recent episodes.

The show consists of host Luke Burbank, producer Jennifer Andrews (formerly of Peter Weissbach's show on KVI, for readers who were in Seattle five years ago), and engineer Sean Trattori screwing around and saying whatever happens to pop into their heads, with occasional input from guests and the "tens" (of listeners).

TBTL makes liberal use of running gags, inside jokes, and drops (i.e. sound bites, which I would conservatively estimate account for about 103% of the show's air time--sometimes they play two simultaneously), which I suspect make it very much a love-it-or-hate-it thing.

Anyway, great show. Give it a listen, and if you love it remember that I told you. If you hate it, remember that this whole Verse thing was Jonathan's idea.

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Amazing show.