Climate Change

It snowed yesterday in Seattle, one day later than the latest snow day on record (April 17th, sometime back in the '70s). This made me realize what a brilliant PR move renaming "global warming" to "climate change" was. The idea of "global warming" is too fragile; one snow day in mid-April, and people start to doubt. Granted, this isn't fair--the warming is small and observable only in long-term trends--but it's how people think.

With "climate change," though, the chaotic nature of weather works in your favor. Anything out of the ordinary can be interpreted as evidence of climate change, and there's always something out of the ordinary going on somewhere in the world. Sure, a record heat wave is great, but if all you have is unseasonable snow or two strong hurricanes in a single year, that works, too.

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Longer version of the same argument


I made a similar argument at more length in a Liberty and Power post back in March.

It's not about warming, it's

It's not about warming, it's about unusual weather :)
That's roughly a quote by Al Gore I think. Yeah, makes it work in any direction...

If I need to be devil's advocate, what they might mean is increased volatility of the natural volatility of weather, which means more extreme events.

Naomi Oreskes

Well it think this video is going to piss you off.    Her argument is stupid in so many ways.   She might as well have claimed objecting to global warming rhetoric was bourgeoisie and therefore illegitamate.   Har, har, and she guffaws as the concept of an environmental watermelon.