How not to change any single thing in the world

Are you against the war and against Bush's labor policies but want to make sure that nobody cares?

I don't know what this group stands for, though from what I can tell I am if not a potential member than at least sympathetic. But people, let's get a new protest coordinator.

Via Matt Welch's post about another Million X March

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Pigtailed Boys for Something or Other

It looks like they are protesting their gender, however that was part of the million worker march so I'm puzzled.    Why dress up as girls protesting the AFL-CIO.  Should they be protesting Walmart, or some sweatshop?

Their website is a hoot

"we FIGHT for the RIGHTS of those who are oppressed in this captalistic, patriarchal, homophobic, racist, carnivous society. that is... we stand up for workers, and womyn, and queers, and amimals, and planet."

Apparently they like animals but are against carnivores like dogs, cats, and bears.   They are against capital accumulating animals like beavers, sociable weavers, and honeybees.    Especially the greedy kind of animals that overbuild, or have strict gender roles.

I'm familiar with the alternate spelling "womyn" but am not aware of the "in your face" significance of "amimals" and "carnivous".   Can anyone clue me in?

Be sure to select "Gender Cheers" from the main page and you will be treated to oldies like the "CUNT/MUFF MEDLEY", and "MANLY MAN" that I'm sure no manly man would go anywhere near.


My bourgeoisie mind has been BLOWN!

Fanny packs = win

Fanny packs = win

Fanny Packs

I saw a lot of them when I was in Toronto in the summer of '05.

Thank God I got cropped.

Thank God I got cropped.