If this were all they spent money on, I'd give it to them


Transport for London and the Mayor of London's Office have released an excellent ad for bike safety in the form of an awareness test, which I guarantee is worth your time. You'll be glad you watched it. You can watch it here. (That first thing that comes up is not an ad, so don't get discouraged.)

Via Commute by Bike


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If you liked this, check out

If you liked this, check out the visual cognition lab at university of Illinois

They're the ones (Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris) who actually came up with the basketball video, but you also have other examples. Unfortunately the videos use a crappy java applet, and it takes a lot of time to load, but it's worth it. The original basketball video is superior imho... it's a shame they don't give credit.

I was into it before it was cool

As a student at UIUC I had already seen the original in a psych class, so I knew the [this part edited out by RM]. I got distracted from how many passes there were though.

[so as not to ruin the surprise and all]