Breaking Noose

Remember Madonna Constantine, the Columbia University professor who found a noose hung on her office door last October? According to the New York Times, an unrelated investigation by the Columbia Teachers College has concluded that she committed multiple instances of plagiarism.

The kicker? The investigation has been going on since 2006, which means that it must have been entering its final stages when the noose incident occurred. Not surprisingly, she is characterizing the plagiarism investigation as a racially motivated witch hunt and the noose as an intimidation tactic by her enemies.

I suspect that the noose was indeed an intimidation tactic, but not in the way Constantine is suggesting. I have for some time vaguely suspected that the noose might be a hoax, but this seals the deal for me, barring any new evidence. The most plausible explanation to me is that, seeing the writing on the wall (the college confronted her with 36 instances of plagiarism last August), Constantine faked the noose incident in order to cast herself as a victim of racially motivated persecution and intimidate the college into backing off the investigation.

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Amazing how much effort

Amazing how much effort people would put into something just to be able to fake something. This is very unusual behavior, especially for a professor at that.

Are you alive?

Are you alive?