Let's Hear It for Apathy!

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but my respect for the players as individuals shot through the roof reading this strange hit piece on them from Jeff Pearlman on ESPN's Page 2. Apparently athletes are focused on being athletes rather than being political activists:

Yet while ballplayers are bound both by their disparate backgrounds and an uncompromised love of the game, they are also united by one not-so-great characteristic: political indifference.

And what's the problem here? Pearlman complains that ballplayers didn't know the results of the Wisconsin Democratic primary. Why should they? What difference could that make? It's one thing to be uninformed about issues, but are we all bound to follow the incredibly boring ins and outs of the "Ballot Bowl" (as CNN dubbed it) process? I'd like to think most Americans are sick to death of this election already. The only redeeming feature I can see of having the process last over two years is that by the time Obama is inaugurated, people will already be fatigued of him that he won't have a honeymoon in which to ram through his whopping tax increase.

Another apparent issue is that the athletes don't sit around and discuss politics in the locker room. This is totaly bizarre too: Who wants to sit around their workplace talking about elections, especilaly in sports, where team chemistry is so critical? More importantly, who wants to listen to their officemate prattle on about Obama (or McCain) forever? Most workplaces would probably be a lot more productive, not to mention happier, if there weren't obnoxious activists foisting their beliefs on everyone else. (I've almost stopped reading the excellent sports site Deadspin because I'm so sick of Will Leitch's incessant pimping for Obama. Sports is where I go to escape the nonsense of everyday life, not to be "inspired" about politics.)

There's a great big America out there, full of people falling in love, raising kids, going to the ballpark, and doing everything else that make life worth living. If most of those people don't spend their waking hours obsessing over which stationary bandit is going to rob them more, or worse, actually spending time to help the bandits take power, well, then I say God bless them.

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