On the Deuce

In case you don't have the Community Aggregator in your newsreader...

Constant links to Seattle day care centers trying to re-write slates.

Brian Macker has a run-in with Werner Patels.

And don't miss this gem from Curunir:

There's a great big America out there, full of people falling in love, raising kids, going to the ballpark, and doing everything else that make life worth living. If most of those people don't spend their waking hours obsessing over which stationary bandit is going to rob them more, or worse, actually spending time to help the bandits take power, well, then I say God bless them.

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America is the modern land

America is the modern land of milk and honey. This is the image it projects to the world. But it is not easy to get this milk and honey. Best to work hard still.

Are you alive?

Are you alive?