What's the point of getting all this power if I can't create my own separate standard of justice?

Jim Bovard has a post in which he republishes a piece he wrote for Playboy in 1997 about the children or wives of politicians getting slaps on the wrist for infractions of drug laws that would cost other people huge chunks of their lives. It's amazing how prosecutors will bend over backwards to turn minor violations into huge penalties for the poor, and how for the privileged there's no drug crime worth hard time.

If a poor black woman from Anacostia had committed the crimes that Cindy McCain committed, the black woman might have been sent to prison for the duration of her life.

John McCain has never shown any courage on the drug war. As long as people like his wife don’t need to fear jail time for crimes, there is no reason to reform the law to cease the persecution of other Americans.

In other news, I just stumbled across some really good stuff, but you'll have to wait until my father gets elected to Congress before I can share.

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Talk about injustice. This

Talk about injustice. This is a very sad post. It reminds us of how, once again, life can be so unfair. Oh well. That's what we have to put up with because these issues are just so hard to put out.

Separate justice?

A far more accurate description of "justice" - and the description holds as good in NZ as it does in the US or Britain - is that you get the level of justice that you can afford to buy.

Now that does not imply that the Judges are on the market; far from it.

The Judges are required to operate under the rules that are set by far from infallible governments. They are required to present the application of the law to the various interpretations of the case before them, as presented by the lawyers for both sides. They often have to make that interpretation at a level understandable by a completely lay panel - the jury - in the hope that the jury will at least have a fair chance of reaching the right conclusion.

Rather than the McCain girl, think OJ Simpson, or the Kennedys who have traipsed in and out of court, or the Hilton thing and the many others able to buy themselves a clever lawyer.

So, the problem lies with a system that is comparable to the medieval tournament. You too can win if you can buy the strongest knight.

Can we change that? No one has ever presented a better system. It might be cracked but it still holds water...