Cuba Libre empieza

For a long while now I've wanted to go to Cuba to see it before the end of the Fidel Castro era.  Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the Cuban people, I won't get that chance.  Goodbye Fidel, and good riddance.

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Premature celebration?

Fidel Castro's brother is (as far as anyone knows) to be the new dictator of Cuba. His brother. I am not ready to celebrate. (According to Reuters: "Cuba's rubber-stamp National Assembly will meet on Sunday to name retiring Cuban leader Fidel Castro's successor, and few people are placing bets on anyone other than his brother Raul Castro.") For now, Cuba Libre is still just a drink (one which I drink daily, without the rum).

Randall, Go. We need people

Go. We need people who see Cuba for what it really is, not naive American undergrads there for college exchange programs who (I swear to god) think that the Cuban people are doing great and love their government because that's what the Cubans they met told them.