Do as I say, not as I said

The Moonie-owned Washington Times printed up a great column by Steve Chapman. It's a critique of the chameleon-like Barack Obama's position on currently illegal substances. Chapman believes that his original position, decriminalization, was too bold for the Washington establishment (which is probably true). He also adds some meta-commentary:

Had we enforced our statutes more vigorously, of course, Messrs. Bush, Clinton and the others would never have been elected anything, because they would be ex-convicts. Yet Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton and the others were happy to put people behind bars for crimes they themselves committed.

One alternative is decriminalization, which is not exactly radical or untried. It's already the norm in 12 different states — not just California and New York, but Mississippi, Ohio and Nebraska. About 1 in 3 Americans lives in a state or city where pot users typically don't go to jail.

His figure, of course, is for places where pot users who are busted by the police don't go to jail. One way to find out how much of a failure Prohibition is is to go to, hell, any city in the country and try to find some green. Even I am constantly amazed at how common marijuana use is. I know not everyone uses it, but it's used everywhere. Everywhere I've been, anyway. And guess what? Everywhere I've been life continued without legions of hopeless losers draining the culture and economy out of their areas.

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I was shocked reading that

I was shocked reading that article. I didn't know Obama had such position on illegal substance. I don't think sparing first time offenders from being put to jail is a good idea. Illegal substances remain illegal substances. Meaning no one is allowed to use or abuse them.

Right on! Same for people

Right on! Same for people who hide jews from the gestapo. It's illegal, meaning no one is allowed to do it.

The law is the law is the law

Where do these people come from? If someone says, "Illegal substances remain illegal substances," he can't really have spent more than maybe fifteen minutes thinking seriously about political questions, since one of the primary issues is whether the law is right and just. And how do these people wind up here of all places? This is a blog whose core theme involves a radical opposition to most of the state, in some cases amounting to outright anarchism.

But, well, I guess I shouldn't go around knocking the political newbies. It's not diplomatic.

Yah! Same to you guys. I

Yah! Same to you guys. I agree on you. It’s illegal drugs and prohibited to everyone to use it. This news is really disappointing.

obama sucks

obama should come out of his oh-so-clean-im-mr-hope image already. he is not a good leader, much less a good president. He has not proven himself to the country, no achievements and now this. Someone please throw him a shoe and tell him to stop dreaming.

Obama no good on Drug War