In spite of it all, progress continues

If you need some good news today to distract you from the overwhelming news focus on the contest to choose our next overlord, try this:

LONDON (Reuters) - British scientists have created human embryos with three parents in a development they hope could lead to effective treatments for a range of serious hereditary diseases within five years.


The IVF, or test-tube, embryos were created using DNA from one man and two women.

The idea is to prevent women with faults in their mitochondrial DNA passing diseases on to their children. Around one in 5,000 children suffer from mitochondrial diseases, which can include fatal liver, heart and brain disorders, deafness, muscular problems and forms of epilepsy.

If all goes well, researchers believe they may be able to start offering the technique as a treatment in three to five years.


"The idea is simply to swap the bad diseased mitochondria -- give a transplant, if you like -- for good healthy ones from a donor," Patrick Chinnery, a member of the Newcastle team, said in a telephone interview.

"We're trying to prevent kids being born with fatal diseases." Mitochondrial DNA is passed down only through the female line.

Predictably, the Luddite opposition weighed in against treatment of genetic disorders, but I remain optimistic that eventually their influence will be as effective here as it was against the Industrial Revolution.  Their arguments are more sophisticated now but still uneconomic, and the human desire for better conditions is a hard, hard force to defeat.

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Good news! That proves as

Good news! That proves as another breakthrough in technology for human medicine. I have been meddling with this issue in the past for I have a friend who is pregnant and the doctors have been telling her that her and her partner's genes are incompatible. They were told that there was little they could do about it.

The findings in the research

The findings in the research could really help develop healthier kids. It would also prevent the emotional trauma parents go through when they find out their child has a fatal disease that medicine cannot completely cure.

That's great news! It’s a

That's great news! It’s a big factor for the woman not to think their child to have transmitted diseases. So, during pregnancy nothing to worries about their child.