The right conclusion for all the wrong reasons

As a follow-up to my previous post, I want to point to this comment, which says that my article made it to this list of articles critical of John "Juan" McCain from a modern conservative perspective.  This puzzled me, since it was just a quotation from another article, so I investigated.  Right off the bat the racist title made me ill at ease, and so I was relieved to realize that my name didn't show up on the page.  Presumably someone whose criticisms of McCain include that he's not racist or warmongering or anti-abortion enough would realize fairly quickly that having an ally who's a radical libertarian wouldn't send the message he wanted to send.

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Not warmongering enough?

I've never heard of anyone criticize McCain for insufficient hawkishness. I don't think there was a more extreme candidate on that issue in the race, including Giuliani.

mcCain the dove

McCain's position on Gitmo could be considered unacceptably dovey.

Yeah, if you're a

Yeah, if you're a Stalinist.

But I guess that's where 1/2 the republican base is these days.

Only I can say is whatever

Only I can say is whatever McCain done wrong on his candidacy, I think he contributes something good on his fellow county.

McCain has been living in a

McCain has been living in a bubble. His conservatist views prove him no better as a leader. I say he should try to open his mind a bit more. The world around him is changing, can he not see this?

McCain can't be the next big

McCain can't be the next big man in America. And using his wife's former drug addiction as a political asset is completely insane. What kind of result does he expect from it?

More on McCain

Will Wilkinson discusses McCain with Matt Welch, author of "The Myth of a Maverick" on bloggingheads here.

Tim, when National Review was founded it proclaimed that it would "stand athwart history, yelling Stop". I may be a cynic and not a conservative (I'm not sure what conservatist is supposed to mean), but I think the idea is not without its nobility. Change, even inevitable change, is not necessary for the better and those who throw monkey-wrenches in the gears of negative "progress" (for example, communism) get a salute from me. Argue that what McCain fights for is wrong and you will get no argument from me, but you did not choose to do that and merely decided to act as if Providence was against him like an inhabitant of the era of Divine Right monarchy.