Super Bowl Thoughts

* Is there an in-the-grasp rule in the NFL? Sure looked like Eli Manning was in the grasp on that crazy play at the end of the game.

* Speaking of that play, I think it will probably be replayed 30 years from now on ESPN8. It was an unbelievable play both from the QB and the WR on a drive where it counted the most.

* What's up with Belichick's short-sleeve sweatshirt? I've never seen such a thing. Don't the short sleeves defeat the whole purpose of the sweatshirt? It even had a hood.

* Best commercial was probably the pair of E*Trade commercials with the baby. The first one with the puking was all slapstick. The second one with the clown was cerebral.

* More fashion: what in the world is Keyshawn Johnson wearing on the ESPN set?

* The NFL now has two "faces of the NFL", not just one.

* WHERE'S TIKI? It's bad enough his team win the Super Bowl the year after he retired. But he went the extra mile and publicly criticized Manning and Coughlin at the beginning of the season. There are winners and there are talkers. Tiki turned out to be a talker, Manning and Coughlin winners. I think he'll have to publicly give credit to Manning and Coughlin to have any credibility remaining.

* I remember an interview with the Archie Manning sometime while Peyton was in college. They asked him about Peyton's little brother who hadn't yet started high school, and the elder Manning said something like, "Yeah, he shows promise, but I'm not going to push him into football. We'll see what happens." Archie Manning never played in a Super Bowl. Both his sons now have Super Bowl MVP trophies.

* Hey Tom Brady - chin up. Even on your worst day, it's still Christmas.


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