So it looks like McCain is going to be the Republican nominee and either Clinton or Obama will be the Democratic nominee.  They all look pretty much the same to me.  Clinton is probably a little bit more big government, but I think if she's president, she'll be powerless.  Any upshot of any of them?

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I don't follow politics, but differences seem slight based on Senate voting records. See: I don't know how reliable projections based Senate records are. Nonetheless:

Another fault line is spending. Obama sided with fiscal conservatives on several high-profile measures to strip funding for pet projects, including a widely criticized Pentagon travel system and the relocation of a railroad line along the Mississippi Gulf Coast that was part of a Hurricane Katrina redevelopment project. Clinton voted in favor of the projects.

The senators differed on a July 13 vote that would prohibit the confiscation of legally held guns during natural disasters -- a response to seizures by law enforcement officials in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina. Obama voted to ban confiscations; Clinton was one of 16 senators opposing the restrictions.

For me, it's about who will

For me, it's about who will butt heads with the Congress the most (and create some gridlock). My guess is that McCain comes out ahead in this area, but not by a large margin. He is known as a compromiser.

Scott did manage to almost make me like Obama in his last comment, though.

Character, maturity, philosophy

I'm looking for good character and a lack of authoritarianism. Clinton is too secretive; McCain is a dick. They both seem like they like to be the boss and want to Lead America to a New Golden Age or some crap like that.
So I like Obama.

(I'd put up with Romney because all the Mormons I've known have been pretty sensible and he occasionally has taken a position I like. Philosophically I'm with Ron Paul all the way but I've pretty much decided he doesn't have the personality to be a good leader.)


I think the election of any of them pushes libertarianism to a better point. Any policies any of them suggest are going to be failures.

1. Hillary is elected and the country goes crazy. The system of Canada - which some 80% of Canadians feel are in crisis - will lead to economic disaster.

2. Obama will attempt to "unite" everyone and will of course fail demoralizing the entire country.

3. McCain... Well, McCain will bring riots to the streets quite frankly.

In either case, libertarians will have more fuel to burn.