NKVD tactics right here at home

Nothing gets your own worries out of your mind for a spell like hearing about someone else who's getting royally screwed. In this case, Radley Balko gives us an update on a recent case in Chesapeake, Virginia, where a gang of armed men stormed into a sleeping man's house. The homeowner shot and killed one of the intruders before they revealed to him that they were policemen. Not only were the circumstances of the raid fishy, but the justification seems to be a little flimsy too. Head over to The Agitator to gets some background.

More recent fishiness:

Here’s another scary thought: Frederick says one reason he was
frightened was that three days prior to the shooting, someone had broken into his house, rummaged through his belongings, but didn’t take anything. The search warrant says that the confidential informant was in Frederick’s home within 72 hours of the raid. Could it be that the informant was the one who broke into Frederick’s
house? Might be worth asking Frederick who was in his home in the previous week.

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