Anonymous vs. Scientology

Scattered groups of hackers across the internet have united in response to the Church of Scientology's attempts to remove the Tom Cruise video from the internet. They call themselves anonymous, and they aim to destroy the church. Tons of people seem to have joined the raids. IRL raids are also happening. Relevant video:

Digg is their media outlet at the moment. They are keeping related links at the top of the page rather easily. Tons of news reports, some in mainstream outlets, are there, along with a couple vids of IRL raids, ex-scientologists talking about their experiences, files- including the full length tom cruise vid (hosted on torrent sites) and tons of documents (also on torrents).

They also seem to be trying to get Anderson Cooper to give them some attention, since he has been going after Scientology lately.

Here we have a decentralized "organization" taking on a centralized organization. The results should be rather predictable as long as the anons don't either get bored or, worse, scared once the church starts striking back, and they should be able to have the law on their side.

Who do you guys think will 'win'? Who do you want to win? Should someone set up a betting market? Does anyone else find this hilarious?

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For the relevant links, search for 'scientology' at digg. Someone has been burying the posts.

I think the message is

I think the message is wrong. They portray the scientologist church as a powerful evil organisation. Even if that were true, it still makes it cool or martyr. I think ridiculing scientology, as it has been done, would be more effective. People may be willing to brave attacks, it is much harder to brave ridicule.

I am also not sure it is a worthy target. Other churches have been far more coercive in the past.

There are a few

There are a few anti-scientology videos on the Digg popular page right now. Is this a new campaign? I wonder what the users/creators of Digg think about this.

As far as scientology itself, I don't see them as dangerous, just as a bunch of wackjobs, not very much different from the hordes of other wackjobs out there. I do wonder why any Hollywood star would associate himself with it seeing how pretty much everyone thinks scientology is wacky. They get plastic surgery to hide wrinkles and take a millimeter off their noses to squeeze out every drop of their 15 minutes yet have no problem associating themselves with a cult most of their fans mock?

Maybe a little dangerous

I'm not sure how much of this is just Anonymous' propaganda and how much is truth, but:

also has a 4(?) part video up with hidden camera footage from inside one of the churches.

They are planning a worldwide protest in front of every CoS on February 10th. I'm pretty sure there will be >20 here in St. Louis, judging from their forums. I didn't even know there was a CoS in STL until a couple of days ago.