Killing the world to save it, but without the saving it

John McCain supports the ruthless treatment of the Cuban populace while claiming to help them.  This is really an exercise in insanity:

"I'm proud to have fought for and defended freedom for the people of
Cuba, consistently calling for continuing the embargo until there are
free elections, human right organizations and a free and independent
media," he said. "Then and only then will the United States of America
extend the aid and assistance because we don't want American tax
dollars to go to a corrupt government headed either by Fidel or Raul
Castro or anyone else who has denied freedom from the Cuban people."

Who the hell is asking about government aid?  No American may spend his private money in Cuba without permission because the U.S. government insists on sticking to a strategy that has allowed Fidel Castro to outlast every president since Kennedy–that's Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and almost Bush II.  Does that sound like it helps Cubans?

John McCain really is one of the scariest politicians in America.  As far as I can tell he's never opposed any proposed deployment of troops since he got to Washington in 1983.  He believes that the scope of the federal government's powers extends even into silly shit like baseball.  And he can say something intellectually offensive like the quotation above and really believe himself.  A slimy politician can be bought; a guy like McCain is firmly convinced that in doing evil he's doing good, and he won't stop until he's out of office.

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It's much bigger than McCain

McCain may be the one Republican who I want least in the White House, at least among the ones I don't think of as a joke (Huckabee). But we've been embarging Cuba for quite a while now. The problem isn't McCain, it's Washington in general.


Why the heck does everything I buy say "Made in China" dammit. There sure has been an awfully selective application of the elections or embargo doctrine.

Another thing - I've been trying to find out who is responsible for these pointless/endless hearings on baseball for months. Anyone know any names?

Campaign slogans

[inhales] Fear. The city reeks with it....”