A Flash Victim?

David Bernstein on his initial exposure to libertarians:

Though I was only 13, I still remember hearing a radio ad for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ed Clark, the most successful (1% of the vote in a five-way race with Reagan, Carter, Anderson, and Barry Commoner) Libertarian Party presidential candidate in its history. It went something like this: "Ronald Reagan says he wants to cut the fat out of government. I want to cut the lean. When I'm president, I'll cut federal spending and federal taxes by 50 percent, and close all American military bases abroad." I didn't quite know what to make of it at the time, but it piqued by [sic] curiosity.

(bold mine, italics his)

Seems like the Libertarian Macho Flash that Micha alluded to in a previous post worked.

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Flash unavoidable

Surely the only way not to "flash" is to carefully conceal libertarianism. If you restrict yourself to advocating incremental changes, then you become indistinguishable from many non-libertarians.

Should a soccer mom ask about drug policy in a hypothetical libertarian society, the non-flasher will discuss medical marijuana, the failure of Prohibition, and the benefits of treatment over prisons. The macho flasher will defend the right to erect crack cocaine vending machines in daycare centers.

Probably most advocates of medical marijuana are not, and do not consider themselves to be, libertarians. So to restrict oneself to such advocacy is to hide among a large herd of non-libertarians, indistinguishable from them.

Libertarianism is a coherent and simple ideology with extreme implications, which makes it really easy to learn and really easy to realize what it is. The only way to prevent people from realizing what it is in short order is carefully conceal it. I realize that the "flash" is supposed to be mentioning a concrete extreme implication of libertarianism, but really, logically, with a working brain, once someone knows what libertarianism is, they can and will come up with their own "flash". Tell someone what libertarianism is, and there's a good chance they'll immediately come up with some "flash" (concrete extreme implication) completely on their own and then ask, incredulously, if we can believe such things.