Speaking of race, an 11-year old child of Indian immigrants was initially denied entry into a NYC school because she didn't score high enough for her race on the entrance exam.

"Children should be judged on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin," said Dr. Anjan Rau, the girl's dad, about the quotas at Mark Twain School in Coney Island.

"The selection process should be colorblind," Rau said.

For decades, the school has enforced racial double standards on its tests to maintain a 6-4 white-to-minority ratio to comply with a 1974 federal court desegregation order.

The order now prevents minority students from becoming more numerous than whites.

Last May, Rau's daughter, Nikita, 11, was rejected by Mark Twain, which caters to gifted students, after she scored 79 on a music admission test.

Officials said Nikita, who is considered a member of a minority group, had to score at least 84.4 score to be accepted. But white students needed to score only 77.

After The Post revealed Nikita's case in June, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein called the quotas "unnecessary" and an "anachronism."

From another article:

"This country believes in racial equality, and we should not face this in America," said Nikita's dad, Dr. Anjan Rau, a Bay Ridge resident who emigrated from India in 1982. "I think it's morally wrong!

"She's American born, and she's a U.S. citizen, and [her parents] are both U.S. citizens, but that doesn't count," said Rau, who has hired a lawyer to try to overturn the decision.

"It could hurt her chances of going to Harvard, Yale or Princeton."

When Nikita recently applied to Mark Twain, she took an admission test geared toward music students and scored a 79.

In May, the Education Department sent her parents a letter that said Nikita was not accepted - even though white students who scored lower on the same test were admitted.

Officials told the Raus that because Nikita is classified as a minority, she would need to score at least 84.4 to be accepted, while white students needed to score 77 or more.

Fortunately for her, it looks like she might get in after all.

The Department of Education announced Monday that it's asking a federal judge to lift a 1974 court order imposing a rigid quota system on Coney Island's selective Mark Twain School.

The announcement came just hours after the Center for Individual Rights filed suit against the DOE on behalf of Nikita Rau, the 11-year-old daughter of Indian immigrants whose application the school rejected because it had already reached its pre-designated allotment of non-white students.

Thanks to shifting demographics, the quota - originally intended to boost minority enrollment - now discriminates against students like Rau, who scored well above the passing rate for whites on the school's entrance exam.

It's not clear to me exactly what's going on here. Generally, quotas are used for "underprivileged minorities" and other minorities like Asian-Americans and Indian-Americans aren't put under that label. The phrase "shifting demographics" is used in the third article, but it's not elaborated upon. I assume it to mean that the bulk of the minority students now applying no longer are of the "underprivileged" sort, and thus, their average scores are higher than those of the white students.

Either way, I recoil at the notion of treating children as young as 11 years old as pawns in a game of social engineering.

via Sepia Mutiny

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Indians are Caucasians

Maybe Brink Lindsey can explain to us why the federal court order's really a good thing (it came from the libertarian 70s, after all) as we ignore the expanding state behind behind the curtain.

Aren't they actually Aryans

Aren't they actually Aryans ?

Maybe TGGP can explain to us

Maybe TGGP can explain to us why he thinks Brink Lindsey would defend any and every policy enacted in the 1970s, even if Lindsey thinks the 1970s, taken as a whole, represents a net positive for liberty. The Wizard of Oz is calling, he wants his strawman back.

Unintended consequences, I assume

My best guess is that the government imposed a 60/40 quota without really thinking about what it meant.

Ofcource it is only an

Ofcource it is only an outrage when it happens to someone with a darker skin, even though she does not appear to be in any way 'underprivileged'... I am torn between amusement over AA supporters getting confronted with their true motivations, and outrage at what is indeed a vile injustice.