Three What?

As just about everyone has seen by now, somebody filed suit against the US Government for $3 quadrillion. And as is custom when such large numbers are thrown around, we need to see what exactly that much money will buy:

  • World 2006 GDP... 45 times over!
  • 11 million Alex Rodriguez's.
  • It could close the gap between the WGA and the studios 2.4 million times... and we could finally watch The Office again.
  • 50 times the present value of the current and future US government deficits under current law.
  • 7.5
    trillion iPhones as of today, but only 5 trillion if you bought when
    they first came out. You would have received a$250 trillion rebate from
    Apple when the price dropped.
  • You could pay off every US citizens mortgage over 400 times. You could just pay the subprime mortgages 2000 times.
  • And the lawyer's fee would average about $900 trillion.

Interesting additions to this list in the comments will be moved to the main post.  Be creative.

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Stop Attempted Financial Murder

There is no clearer demonstration that our tort system is a travesty.
Since the funds would come from tax payers, the plaintiff’s name and address and the nature of the injury should at least be divulged.
Since a plaintiff knows the value of his loss he should declare it honestly. Asking for excess awards is akin to swinging an ax at an innocent person. Any excess claim that his fellow citizens refuse to award should be subtracted from any award and given to the defendant to help pay his attorney fees and to compensate him for the pain and suffering of being unjustly placed in financial jeopardy. That would fix the problem.

The trauma!

"The trauma these people have undergone is unlike anything that has occurred in the history of our country." Ha!