What I've Learned

In response to Jonathan's Edge 2008 post: 

After reading Taleb and observing Hanley Ramirez, I'm giving an equal amount of weight to subjective player analysis (scouting) so it's on par with objective performance analysis (sabermetrics) while at the same time reducing my opinion of both.

Ramirez compiled a very poor statistical record throughout his minor league career and when he was the main component of a package that the Marlins got in return for dealing Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell and Guillermo Mota to the Red Sox, I thought the Marlins got robbed. There was a small consensus of scouts that said Ramirez was bored in the minor leagues and would put his career into gear once he reached the majors. Ramirez went from a .720 OPS in his final year of Double-A, to skipping Triple-A, to posting a .889 OPS over the past two seasons in the Majors while playing his home games in a pitcher's park. He'll probably have to move from shortstop to a less challenging postion defensively sooner rather than later, but he's got the bat to weather such a change.

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