Outsourcing: Haha, Told Ya So, N00bs

Before the current crop of anti-immigration chicken-littles, there were anti-outsourcing chicken-littles. Remember? Wired does:

When issue 12.02 went to press, US tech jobs were pouring overseas faster than ever, and programmers were pissed. "You can feel the rage," wrote Daniel H. Pink, who chronicled the turmoil in his February 2004 cover story. Well, we survived — prospered, even. In fact, the reason there aren't more tech jobs in the US is a shortage of talent.

The anti-outsourcing activists have mostly melted into the woodwork. One Web site we mentioned — nojobsforindia.com — is riddled with Google ads for (oh, the irony!) outsourcing firms. Of the four political action groups we cited, only one seems to still exist. And programmer turned politico Mike Emmons didn't even make the ballot in his bid for Congress.

Meanwhile, the software companies we profiled are thriving. Patni has doubled its ranks to some 14,000; Hexaware Technologies has quadrupled. Outsourcing is blooming in places like Bulgaria, China, and Egypt. And still, the US economy continues to create jobs. Remember that happy ending we promised? Roll the credits.

So, who wants to bet that in five years, the anti-immigration chicken-littles will have moved on to some other economic fallacy?

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Remember the American Job Blog?

It was defunct for a while but I just checked and it looks like it has an article from 2005. The 300+ comment thread in which we argued with Buchanan's brigades is a fond memory. I think it was the first time that a media story has ever been released about one of us, though it got some very important things completely wrong. Good times, good times.