Magic Math Used to Determine Peoples True Feelings About Redistribution

According to a Science Daily article titled "People Can Put A Price Tag On Economic Justice, Economists Say" there is science behind redistribution. 

The article starts with the question, "How much would you pay to live in an equitable society in which people get what they deserve and deserve what they get?"   Well my answer is "whatever it takes to enforce our individual rights to within the bounds of human fallibility.  Which wouldn't include any redistribution."    

I however say chock up two more leftist "economists" trying to tease information that is not there from data that no one should take seriously.   Apparently Fong and Corneo think they "have developed a mathematical model to measure the value that people place on distributive justice " and can use "data from the 1998 Gallup poll" that "did not explicitly ask what monetary value the respondents placed on distributive justice".     That is they believe that they can read peoples minds utilizing math and the answers to questions unrelated to the information being psychically determined.

What did these mind readers determine?  There was no link to the study from the article but it did mention that ...

"Whites place a higher value on equity than non-whites, and equity is valued more by those with high levels of education than those with less education."

Even if you believe their methods work the results they got seem to point to the idea that those who supposedly benefit from redistribution are against it.     Perhaps having first hand experience with welfare schemes instead of ivory tower theory leads to the empirically based conclusion that welfare doesn't work.

 I wonder if this study was "peer reviewed".   I guess if your peers as a bunch of leftists you might get away with making this claim. 



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