Welcome to the club

Remember when the U.S. took a lot of heat a few years back for having a huge percentage of people who couldn't find Iraq on a world map? Well, turns out we're not the only ones with widely-known educational troubles. El País reports that 33% of Brits believe Mt. Everest to be located somewhere in Europe, either in the Alps or in Britain itself.

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I don't understand this

I don't understand this focus on geography. Most people don't even understand percentages correctly, I find that far more worrying.

I think we have to accept the idea that the people interested in finding how knowledgeable or intelligent the average people is are a sample which will always be on average far more intelligent and knowledgeable than the median.

Reminds me of this video

I'm behind a content filter right now so I can't verify that this link still works [edit - it works]. I may have got the link from this very blog, but I can't remember. I also recall a report that came out a while ago that indicated that Americans, while profoundly ignorant about basic scientific facts, are slightly less profoundly ignorant than people from countries that tend to look down their noses at the ignorant Americans.

It occurs to me that the ones doing the sneering may in fact personally know a lot more than the average American, and are mistaking their personal superiority to the average American with their nation's superiority. Of course, it is also true that intellectuals (from any nation) are often ignorant outside their own areas of focus, and sometimes even within them.