Point/counterpoint about the Writer's Guild strike

Point: Lots of the other people who work on shows are suffering financially. The Gerli Life shares an email from a crewmember of The Office detailing the 102 jobs that got cut this week after its 14 writers went on strike. Surely this event is repeating on other programs. The email continues

I have been in the motion picture business for 33 years and have survived three major strikes. None of which have been by any of the below the line unions. During the 1988 WGA strike many of my friends lost their homes, cars and even spouses. Many actors are publicly backing the writers, some have even said that they would find a way to help pay bills for the striking writers. When the networks run out of new shows and they air repeats the writers will be paid residuals. The lowest paid writer in television makes roughly twice the salary than the below the line crewmember makes. Everyone should be paid their fair share, but does it have to be at the expense of the other 90% of the crewmembers. 

Counterpoint: Let's face it, most television shows are horrible. If it's not bad acting or cheesy writing that insults your intelligence, it's both, and on steroids. At Film.com Cole Hadden gives a list, including

5.) Grey’s Anatomy
I have unfortunately been coerced by feminine wiles to watch more than two-dozen episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, including a rather exciting episode in which Meredith’s faux-boyfriend blows up, as well as a much sillier one in which he returns a la Obi-Wan Kenobi. Amazingly, every episode has been worse than the one I saw before it, which means that this season ranks right around there with a prostate exam.

He makes a good point. If I am remembering correctly, I have seen Grey's Anatomy and it was unbelievably bad. Even if that wasn't what I saw, I did see some show. So if this entire section of the American economy that panders to people who refuse to chew what they eat goes under, maybe that won't be so bad.

Hat tip to Skip Oliva, who is paying way more attention to this event than I could

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I'm not really sure if that

I'm not really sure if that was a point-counterpoint given that as both views are against the writers. One just argues that they're greed is causing the lower paid workers to suffer, and the other says that they suck far too much to be paid any more than they are now.

And for the most part I agree: fuck the writers! Most shows are mind bendingly terrible, but that doesn't change the fact that I need my regular fix of the Daily Show and Colbert Report. And if this somehow ends up going long enough to delay a new season of South Park....well, I'm not sure what I'll do, but I'll be pissed. So I guess what I want is for those shows to somehow come to a seperate peace with their writers and then let the rest of television sink into the morass.

Oh yeah, Metalocalypse needs to be saved too.