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An informal poll among my co-bloggers once revealed that nearly all of us are insomniacs. This led to us wondering whether insomnia correlates with advocacy of limited government.

For my own part, insomnia is how I cope with too few hours to do too many things (which may disqualify the label "insomnia"). I've accepted it as a part of my life. For those who haven't, an article in the NY Times says the solution is relatively simple.

The behavioral strategies for better sleep are deceptively simple, and that’s one reason why many people don’t believe they can make a difference. One of the most effective methods is stimulus control. This means not watching television, eating or reading in bed. Don’t go to bed until you are sleepy. Get up at the same time every day, and don’t nap during the day. If you are unable to sleep, get out of bed after 15 minutes and do something relaxing, but avoid stimulating activity and thoughts.

So-called sleep hygiene is also part of sleep therapy. This includes regular exercise, adding light-proof blinds to your bedroom to keep it dark and making sure the bed and room temperatures are comfortable. Eat regular meals, don’t go to bed hungry and limit beverages, particularly alcohol and caffeinated drinks, around bedtime.

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None of those methods ever

None of those methods ever worked for me.  I'll tell you what did: pills.  I love pills.  Tylenol PM used to be my fave, but then I switched to Nytol since that doesn't eat holes in the lining of my stomach.  Also, taking pills roughly correllates with Beck and John T. Kennedy saying I'm not a real libertarian, so maybe there's something to the minarchism-insomniac pattern.

Funny, I'm an all

Funny, I'm an all all-terrain sleeper. I'll sleep at anytime for any long in almost any position, in any place, regardless of noise, light, etc. Nothing will stop me from sleeping short of excessive cold or ridiculous intake of caffeine. The other side of the coin is shiniess *
I need at least 9 hours of sleeping to wake up easily and my internal clock is set to 26 hour days.
I do not advocate limited government though but limitation of government.
* english needs an opposite comparative, like shiniess to means less shiny and shineast to mean least shiny

Also Pills

10 mg Melatonin.

Alcohol works too. But pills are cheaper.